About the Education Working Group

The Data Science in Education & Society Summit held at NCSA on May 12th, 2017 attracted over 90 participants from across the University of Illinois, representing different colleges, research institutes, administrative units, and schools. From the twenty lightning talks it was clear that there are many opportunities to advance societal outcomes in different education areas with new capabilities from data science. Talks addressed

  • Understanding and improving learning outcomes in online courses and MOOCs
  • Incorporating technology innovation in educational research and design
  • Using educational entertainment and games for informal learning
  • New assessment and evaluation methods for learning
  • Providing effective performance dashboards for students
  • Improving educational outcomes for underrepresented groups
  • Modeling career movements

The summit identified a variety of data sets, tools, services and approaches for data science in education, including

  • Library analytics
  • Security and privacy of educational data sets
  • Communicating educational data
  • Scalable approaches to education via the Blue Waters computer
  • Open source tools and frameworks for data at NCSA
  • Geospatial tools for education
  • Data resources for early childhood