Data Science Fundamentals Session Plan

Lead Organizers:

Anil Hirani (Math)
Sanmi Koyejo (CS)


Edgar Solomonik (CS): Scalable Algorithms and Tools for Data Science
Nitin Vaidya (ECE): Robust Collaborative Machine Learning
Idoia Ochoa-Alvarez (ECE): The Role of Data Science in Genomics
Julia Hockenmaier (CS): Natural Language Processing: Fundamental Technologies for Data Science
Ruoyu Sun (ISE):  Optimization for Data Science
Feng Liang (Statistics): Statistical Thinking for Data Science


Session Plan:

  1. Each facilitator will give a 5 minute (2 slides each) introduction (addressing the whole session) on how they see their field in data science and one data science fundamental problem/issue which they plan to address during the next part.
  2. Each facilitator will be assigned to a table where they will discuss that problem with interested attendees.
  3. One representative from each table will summarize (in 5 minutes each) what was discussed and future directions.


To develop a working group that will research and develop theoretical approaches to pressing data science issues.

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